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Basic Common Terms In A Lease

leaseLease Agreements

When considering whether to rent a new property from a landlord many people have reservations. Most frequently an individual will sign a lease agreement not being entirely sure of their rights and duties or that of the landlord towards them. Below is a brief exposition of certain rights which many people may not be aware of.

Common Terms In A Contract

contractsAt some point in our lives we will inevitably all conclude some sort of contract, be it with a bank, a landlord or any number of service providers. All of these contracts will usually contain certain terms which, to many people, usually don’t make much sense. Below, are just some of the most popular ones to assist you in more clearly understanding the terms of a contract which you are agreeing to.

Legally Speaking – What Not To Post On Social Media.

Most South Africans are unaware, but individuals should think carefully before posting anything on social media. South African laws are becoming increasingly stricter and therefore there are certain things which South Africans should not post on social media. Posting without thinking about it may land an individual with a large fine or jail time.

Being Evicted? – These Are Your Rights.

Constitutionally speaking, everyone has the right to adequate housing. South African laws however protect both the rights of home owners as well as those of occupants. When occupants are faced with eviction, there are certain defences to this, which are canvassed below.


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