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Sexual Harassment in the work place, why must the boss be reactive and vigilant?

sexual harrassment Sexual harassment is no laughing matter and can be devastating to the victims while being disruptive to the workplace and productivity. Sexual harassment is an infringement of a person’s constitutional right to dignity, freedom and security and privacy of a person.

Advocates, why are they appointed and where do they fit in?


Most individuals consider the term “Lawyer” as a catch-all phrase for attorneys and advocates of legal profession. While they can both be considered lawyers, their jobs vary in many different ways and both have different authorities within the legal profession.

What is an attorney?

Financial Rehabilitation: What is it and when is it used?

Financial RehabilitationFinancial rehabilitation is needed when an individual is insolvent and his estate is subsequently sequestrated. Financial rehabilitation is therefore the process (whether it is automatic or made by an order of court) to rid the individual of his insolvent status.

Start-up Businesses & Lease Agreements: What To Look Out For

lease agreementsA start-up business that does not operate from home will require premises from which it will operate. It will most likely be the case that such a business will not purchase a property on start up because of various factors, like having to raise the required capital, uncertainty of success with high investment and in the event of success, the need for expansion.


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