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A Guide to Suing

“Suing” is a catch-all phrase meaning to institute legal proceedings against a person or institution. You can sue either by way of an Action Procedure or Application Procedure.




Divorce in South Africa

mediationAccording to statistics released in April 2015 by Statistics South Africa; in 2013, there were 23 885 processed Divorces. This is a staggering 8.6% increase from the number of processed Divorces in 2012, and this Divorce Rate is only expected to rise.


How to “take someone to the cleaners”

pile of legal books and glasses You’ve reached breaking point and said four very famous words;

“I will sue you.”

“Hidden” Legal Costs, what are you really paying for?

man sitting at desk shocked by legal bill When people say “talk is cheap”, they probably were not talking to their Attorney.

Why not? Well, Attorneys charge for phone calls.


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