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Permanent House Swopping

In the past few years, holiday house swopping has been taking the world by storm. The basic principle of it; “I’ll stay in your house, you’ll stay in mine,” has made holidays accessible to a lot more people. But, what about permanently swopping houses?

Litigation in South Africa

What is Litigation?

Litigation is the process of taking a Civil law suit (legal dispute) to Court. We have discussed the process from a summons to the court date in our article A Guide to Suing.

In this article we shall discuss the different Courts and the basic procedure in the Court room. 

The Different Courts:

The Basics of Divorce

Marriage is a legally recognised voluntary union (or unions) between spouses. The legal nature of marriage in terms of its rights and responsibilities requires that its termination be legally recognised. A marriage can be terminated by death, annulment or divorce.

In’s, Outs and Benefits of Mediation.

mediationMediation is a round table negation process whereby an independent third party, a mediator, assists in the settlement of a dispute between two contending parties. One of the best applications of Mediation is seen in Divorce proceedings. As will be shown below, Mediation is not an alternative Divorce procedure; it is a powerful tool that facilitates an amicable separation of spouses.


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