Resignation, Retrenchment & Dismissal

In the work environment, when the time comes to leave the job where an employee currently works, certain laws govern processes and procedures on how to leave the company, whether it is by the employee’s own choice or that of the company to dismiss the employee. Below are some of the basic legal foundations of resignations, retrenchment and dismissal.

Maternity Leave – What You Need To Know

All female employees have the right to maternity leave by law. In terms of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCE) maternity is regulated.


What Happens After a Court Has Granted a Civil Judgment?

There are many articles and reading about how to get to court and the process involved therein, however very little in comparison to what happens after a court has actually granted a judgment and how this can thereafter be enforced.

Planning Your Estate

What is Estate Planning?

An ‘estate’ is comprised of all the assets and liabilities that the so-called ‘estate planner’ accumulates during his or her lifetime – such assets and liabilities which will be left behind at his or her death.

Estate planning is then the process of creating and managing a programme to preserve or protect the assets as well as setting out how they would like to distribute such assets at their death.

A Will is not the only means to do this and although commonplace, it is not always the best means to most effectively and most beneficially distribute assets in accordance with the estate planners wishes.


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