Rights of the Landlord

Consider the Scenario

You are a landlord whom is seeking to, or currently renting out your property. Below are some questions, dos and don’ts as well as misconceptions.

You Are Stopped By a Traffic or Police Officer:

Consider the Scenario

You may be stopped by a police or traffic officer:

1. At night when it is dark and you are flagged to stop in a dark street or alley which you know to be dangerous or;

2. And you can tell that the officer requests a bribe or;

3. And when you’re stopped and tested, you are found to be over the alcohol limit.


Changing the Registered Office of Your Company

Then and Now

In the past, it was possible for a company to use a convenient address as its registered address, such as address of its auditor. It is now imperative that Company management ensure that the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission’s (CIPC) records reflect the correct and actual registered office of such a company. If there is more than one office, then the address of the principal or head-office should be the address to use.

Ins And Outs of Domestic Violence

In recent news and social media, cases of domestic violence have been more frequently and widely reported. These serious crimes unfortunately are not only now and issue, they remain a huge problem in our society despite not always being in the media. Below we set out how the provisions of The Domestic Violence Act 116 of 1998 can be used to protect yourself against such incidents.


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