Attorneys vs Debt Collectors

The developing situation:

More and more creditors are using debt collectors rather than attorneys to collect debts owing to them by their debtors. This situation is not ideal for the creditors themselves, as this ends up actually costing the creditors more in the long run.

Going Through a Divorce

Consider the Scenario

You are thinking about going through a divorce whether you have discussed it with your spouse or not or your spouse wants to go through a divorce and you are unsure about the process, your rights and your children.

Rights of the Landlord

Consider the Scenario

You are a landlord whom is seeking to, or currently renting out your property. Below are some questions, dos and don’ts as well as misconceptions.

You Are Stopped By a Traffic or Police Officer:

Consider the Scenario

You may be stopped by a police or traffic officer:

1. At night when it is dark and you are flagged to stop in a dark street or alley which you know to be dangerous or;

2. And you can tell that the officer requests a bribe or;

3. And when you’re stopped and tested, you are found to be over the alcohol limit.



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