How To Go About Getting An Eviction

A landlord may under the correct procedure and law obtain an eviction against unlawful occupiers or tenants of his or her property as well as obtaining judgment to cover losses, damage and legal costs.

The eviction process and the legislation surrounding the process is quite complex and as such an attorney who is knowledgeable in the field of eviction should be appointed.

Minor Children During a Divorce

Wanting a Divorce


Before getting a divorce, the children, especially minors are usually the first concern of the parent wanting a divorce. The wellbeing and future arrangements regarding these minors is what will be discussed in this article, in law we call it the “best interests of the minor children.”

How Does Restraint of Trade Work in SA?

A restraint of trade is a provision in a contract of employment with the aim of protecting an employer’s trade secrets, customer connections and other confidential information. Such a contract provides that after termination of employment, the employee is restricted in the work he/she can perform in that he/she will be restrained from performing similar work in competition with his/her former employer, for a prescribed period of time and in a specific geographical area.

Basic Requirements for a Valid Contract

See the explanations relating to valid agreements, valid offer and valid acceptance. These are just guidelines and you should always discuss your specific contract and circumstances with your attorney.


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