Commercial Law & Mediation
Commercial  Law & Mediation

Our commercial law team focus on legal aspects pertaining to contracts, trusts, labour related matters, commercial disputes and insolvency law.

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Commercial Law & Mediation
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Commercial Law & Mediation


Probably the most important aspect in commercial law, contracts and agreements are legal obligations between two or more parties. Du Toit’s Attorneys therefore take our role as legal advisers and professional lawyers in this regard very seriously. Backed by many years’ experience, we will guide our clients with sound legal advice, providing them with peace of mind that their interests are well-protected.


Our team will assist you in drawing up and reviewing any commercial as well as individual contract or agreement. Our expertise includes the following types of contracts and agreements:

  • Franchise agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Lease contracts and agreements
  • Joint venture contracts
  • Members’ agreements
  • Service level agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Shareholders’ agreements
  • Sale of business agreements
  • Agreements of sale
  • Offers to purchase
  • Restraints of trade
  • Ad hoc agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Non-circumvention contracts
  • Supplier agreements
  • Sale of members’ interests agreements
  • Separation agreements


When you create a trust, you want to ensure that it remains in safe hands and is managed efficiently to the benefit of the owners of the trust – especially when you won’t be there to look after it yourself.


Du Toit’s Attorneys boast solid experience in setting up trusts for personal and business purposes, as well as advising our clients on trust-related matters. We never compromise on integrity, which means that your trust will be in trust-worthy, experienced hands.


Our experience in the setting up of trusts includes the following:

  • Family trusts, where the parties in the trust are closely related. We understand the intricate relationships that can exist in families, and we therefore treat family trusts with the utmost discretion and sympathy, without compromising on efficiency. We specialise in both discretionary family trusts (where we retain the discretion to manage the trust and award or distribute assets in the trust) as well as vesting family trusts (where these decisions rest with the beneficiaries).
  • Business trusts, where the trust acts as a business tool.  Although such trusts are governed by rules quite similar to those of a closed corporation (CC), our experience enables us to apply the subtleties to shape your business trust to your advantage.

Labour Related Matters

Human capital remains one of the most valuable assets of many companies. Yet this resource can also present with the most challenges. Du Toit’s Attorneys’ experience in labour relations has enabled us to assist employers and employees alike in any of the various fields of labour relations.


We have experience in handling and resolving disputes, claims and collections, as well as Labour Court and CCMA related matters. Our experience also includes facilitating contract disputes and contract breaches, employment contracts, as well as employer and employee claims.   


With Du Toit’s Attorneys, managing your most important asset remains in capable hands.

Commercial Disputes

The commercial world can be a fierce one, with competition rife and compassion almost non-existent. Knowledge of how you can apply the law to protect your interests is one of a few ways in which you can ensure your continued contribution to commerce.


Du Toit’s Attorneys has extensive experience in settling commercial disputes successfully. Our expertise in relevant regulations and laws has enabled us to pride ourselves as commercial litigation specialists.  With us beside you, you can know that whatever commercial challenges you may face, you have a partner who has proven itself able to take up these challenges.


Insolvency Law

If your creditors are harassing you, if your wages have been garnished, if you’re being threatened with foreclosure, or if you can't keep up with your bills, you need to understand how Insolvency may help you get out of debt and give you the fresh financial start that you deserve. Too many people have misconceptions about Insolvency that prevent them from considering it as a viable alternative to suffering. Don't let this happen to you!

  • Liquidation
  • Sequestration
  • Rehabilitation