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Removing A Child In An Emergency

It is an extremely sad, yet real scenario that we frequently experience as onlookers to poor child care or abuse on the part of parents or guardians of children and we do not always know what we can do to protect these children or at the very least, where to start legally.


What Happens if You Pass Without a Will?

We all understand that it is important to have a will in place. In fact, estate planning is a very important part of your financial security and an earlier article has been written about this on our blog. The situation still arises that people pass away without a valid will in place.

Complicated Contracts

Signing contracts is something most of us carry out almost on a daily basis. Most people can’t even remember the last document or contract that had to sign due to how frequently we do this. The pertinent question to ask is “what exactly are you signing?”

Arbitration Proceedings


As already discussed in an article about mediation, the South African legal court system is relatively busy and crowded with matters, resulting in long wait times to have matters heard. In this article, I will write about arbitration as an option to mediation and court litigation to having a matter finalised.


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