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Small Claims Court Assistance

We frequently have clients requesting assistance with a matter in the Small Claims Court as the debt owing is usually too little to justify expensive litigation; the problem however is that legal representatives are not permitted to practice in the Small Claims Court. For this reason, below is an exposition of the process in the Small Claims Court to assist individuals which may not know how to go about a Small Claims Court Claim.

Less Known Courts

We have already discussed the Magistrates Court and High Court in a previous article, but these are the courts most people may at least have heard of. Similar, the Supreme Court of Appeal and Constitutional Court are a lot more popular due to media coverage surrounding maters heard in these courts. There are however many more courts in South Africa and the Magistrates Court is also divided into two separate courts, which few people are aware of. In this article, this fact along with many other facts about the less known courts will be discussed.

Care, Contact and Guardianship

Many people with children will understand the term “custody”. In South African child law, the term “custody” is no longer referred to and has been replaced with the terms “care” and “guardianship.”

Fairness in Dismissals

Dismissals for “sleeping on the job”, “theft”, “insubordination” or even “gross misconduct” aren’t always legal. Here’s why.


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