Appointment Of A Curator

Applications for curatorship are heard by the High Court and the Office of the Master of the High Court is mandated with the supervision and administration of the property of those who may be placed under curatorship.

Who Is The Sheriff Of The Court?

The sheriff is an impartial and independent official of the Court appointed by the Minister of Justice andCorrectional Services in terms of the Sheriffs Act 90 of 1986 and is regulated by the South African Board for Sheriffs who monitors service of Sheriffs and Deputies and ensuring their duties are executed in a just manner.

Care, Contact and Guardianship

Many people with children will understand the term “custody”. In South African child law, the term “custody” is no longer referred to and has been replaced with the terms “care” and “guardianship.”

Fairness in Dismissals

Dismissals for “sleeping on the job”, “theft”, “insubordination” or even “gross misconduct” aren’t always legal. Here’s why.


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