Community of property, can I change it?

Why would I want to?

When getting married, you and your new spouse have the opportunity to consider your matrimonial property system. Community of property is a whole article on its own however and to appreciate the contents of this post, you will require some basic knowledge of matrimonial property systems in South Africa.

Legal Steps to Take to Escape an Abusive Marriage in South Africa

Domestic violence has five classifications:

Physical abuse

Sexual abuse

Emotional abuse (intimidation, economic abuse)

Verbal abuse (harassment)

Psychological abuse (stalking, entry without permission into residence that is not shared, damage to property)

This is not only applicable to married individuals but any abusive relationship regardless of how that relationship is defined.

Bail Applications: What you need to know

Bail can be granted by 3 parties. By the police, by the prosecutor and lastly, by the court.

Each of these parties may grant a bail application depending on the severity of the offence. Criminal offences are categorized into schedules found in the Criminal Procedure Act 51 of 1977 (CPA) depending on their severity.

Restraint of Trade Clauses: When are they unfair?

Employment contracts may contain restraint of trade clauses. However, not all restraint of trade clauses are the same and are therefore largely dependent on the nature of the work and nature of employer the employee will be involved with.


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