Complicated Contracts

Signing contracts is something most of us carry out almost on a daily basis. Most people can’t even remember the last document or contract that had to sign due to how frequently we do this. The pertinent question to ask is “what exactly are you signing?”




Some people do not realise that almost every time they sign their signature wherever it may be required, they are in fact signing some sort of legal document.

By signing these daily legal documents, you may not realise, but you are usually binding yourself to some sort of terms and conditions, some of which you may not even necessarily want to be bound by.

Signing your signature may seem like some sort of formality for compliance sake, or whatever procedures the other party may have in place, but do you know exactly what you are signing and what you are getting yourself into? If not, we can provide some assistance.


Contract Clarity


Before you bind yourself to terms, which are frequently vague, especially to the layman on the street, why not send your contract in to us for a professional legal opinion on the terms contained therein. We can assist with explaining you contract to you as well as the specific terms and how they play their roles in your specific instance.


Drafting Contracts


We can also assist you in drafting of contracts to ensure they are compliant with law. We will also assist to ensure your specific contract contains the terms which you require, tailored to your needs to achieve exactly that which you aim to achieve with your contract.




Give us a call or send us a mail with your specific questions regarding your contract and we will endeavour to assist you with your contract with professional service, attention to detail and with the personal touch you require.